Monday, April 07, 2008

I should have blogged about this long ago.

A group of former North Central College Broadcasting/Media Students-- many of whom took my first ever "Introduction to New Media" course-- have launched an exciting new site devoted to "music and culture". Check it out here.

Among other things, the site features reviews, a concert calender, interviews with up and coming bands, MP3s and a clever V-blog of album reviews (see below). Nice work guys!


Linda Hyatt Young said...

Steve: This is a random thing. I found your blog and wanted to tell you about what we are doing. We are trying to create an organization to raise enough money to buy a major news organization. Our organization is called RNN and will be online soon. Are you interested in perhaps helping? We need people to join our efforts, get out the word, and basically help us to build a movement.

My email: Email me if you are at all interested...

Take care, Linda Hyatt Young, writer, editor

Ps--This is not spam.

Brady said...

So we have you in part to thank for inspiring Wes and Ryan, et. al. to start HEAVEmedia. It must have a been a great class- their site very effectively utilizes New Media in a way many sites have not caught onto yet.

Say, I've been thinking of writing curriculum for a New Media class at the high school I teach at here in NYC. Would you be willing to email me your syllabus so I can get some ideas?

Faith said...

Whoa. Definitely checking out their site now. I'm really surprised I haven't heard more about this on campus, either through fliers or WONC. Hope it keeps going!